Audi Quattro of the future in ‘Ender’s Game’

This November, film-goers will get to see a future version of the Audi Quattro when they watch the  film adaptation of the novel ‘Ender’s Game’. The movie is about a hostile alien race attacking Earth and how the human race fights back.

In its collaboration with the producers, Audi created a vehicle known as the Fleet Shuttle Quattro which combines a futuristic design with ground-breaking technology. The fictional Audi marks the first time the car company has unveiled a purely virtual Audi in a movie.

True to the company’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” philosophy, the latest technology was used to digitally and seamlessly integrate the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro into the futuristic environment of the movie.

“The Audi in the movie represents progress and it appears in key scenes that have a lasting impact on the life of the protagonist,” explained Florian Zitzlsperger, who is responsible for Brand Partnerships at Audi. “With this, our Audi becomes a part of this fictional world.” He noted that the technologically advanced world of ‘Ender’s Game’ is reflected in the design of the model.

“Designing the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro was comparable to tailoring a made-to-measure suit,” said Frank Rimili, Chief Designer for the film project. “We adapted it to the requirements of the world in ‘Ender’s Game’ and, at the same time, ensured that we preserved our brand values. Ultimately, we were able to project our design philosophy perfectly onto the fictional world of the movie.”

As to the choice of Audi being used for the movie, Linda McDonough, a producer of ‘Ender’s Game’,” said: “The Audi brand is already very forward-thinking which made their inclusion in our film an organic fit.”

In 2004, Audi created the RSQ for the movie, ‘I-Robot’

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