Audi Quattro Concept for Frankfurt Motorshow

The Audi Quattro rallycar of the 1980s

‘Quattro’ is a name which is synonymous with Audi, created in 1980 when the company introduced a fastback model which had power going through all four wheels. It wasn’t the first production car with all-wheel drive but Audi made it such a strong feature that most people think their model was the first.

To prove the effectiveness of the all-wheel drive system and also demonstrated Audi’s prowess in engineering, the company produce a car in Group B spec that was a ‘monster’. The Group B rallycars  were like Formula 1 cars running off-road and their enormous power and high speeds eventually had them banned as they were too dangerous.

At the Frankfurt Motorshow next month, Audi will present another concept model of the 21st century Quattro. Little is known about it at this time but the sketches released show a similarity to a Quattro concept car that was displayed at the 2010 Paris Motorshow, with some cosmetic tweaks.

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