All-new Bentley Flying Spur Grand Touring Sedan to debut next week

In its 100th anniversary year, Bentley Motors is promising to once again set new standards of both driving enjoyment and luxury when it reveals the all-new, third generation Flying Spur Grand Touring Sedan next week.

Like every Flying Spur of recent times, the third edition features All-Wheel Drive for optimum traction. For the first time, drive is supplied only to the rear wheels in standard road conditions giving classic sports sedan handling characteristics. If any slip is detected, the system can instantly send drive to the front wheels providing active All-Wheel Drive, fully automatically.

First Bentley with All-Wheel Steering
This will be the very first Bentley to feature All-Wheel Steering enhancing both stability at cruising speeds and agility around town. During high-speed manoeuvres, the electronic system steers the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels, making overtaking and lane-changes more assured. All-Wheel Steering also means no compromise between high speed confidence and low speed convenience.

Bentley Dynamic Ride is designed to further improve both handling and ride comfort. New to the Flying Spur, the innovative system changes suspension stiffness on demand to combat cornering forces and minimise body roll that might otherwise disturb occupants.

Ground-up development
Like the recently launched Continental GT, the all-new Flying Spur is a ground-up development that pushes the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship to deliver segment-defining levels of performance and refinement.

Current second generation of the Bentley Flying Spur

Owing only its historic name to the preceding model, the 4-door sedan will deliver an unparalleled touring experience for the driver and passengers alike, Bentley promises. “Quite simply, the world’s leading luxury automotive company is intending to create the world’s best luxury Grand Touring sedan,” is its declaration.