9 Great Classic Car Games for Sony PlayStation

Play Station is every Gen Y, Gen X and Gen Z’s favourite way to escape reality and master some skills that otherwise won’t be taught in school. I mean I am sure at some point everyone learned how to drive from a Play Station game.

So to bring back nostalgic memories (or some of you would still be playing it right now) here are the list for the top 9 car games of all times for Play Station.

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  • Gran Turismo

If you’re a die-hard gamer you will know that Gran Turismo is one of the oldest race game that still remained relevant until today. Yes, there has been Gran Turismo for PS1 all the way to the latest Playstation in the market, including PSP.

Gran Turismo has always been the ultimate dream come true for those always wanting to be car racers but Gran Turismo 5 changed the game significantly by letting players go online and race with up to 16 other racers. Simply put, you can’t say you’ve lived through 4 generations of Playstation without saying you haven’t played Gran Turismo.

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  • Colin Mcrae Rally

There was a time when the rally racing caught the attention of racing fans around the world. With the heated rivalry between the Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru WRX, names such as Colin McRae, Richard Burns, Carlos Sainz and Tommi Makinen was all the rave.

For many gamers, this is their first taste of going really really fast on gravel, dirt, tarmac and mud, not to mention flying over bumps and humps. This was the one that really brought rally racing to many mainstream fans since Sega Rally (listed below).

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  • Burnout

Burnout was first released for Playstation 2 and although in hindsight Burnout is technically a car race game, we all know it’s more famous for its crash modes. That’s right. If GT was known for being professional, Burnout is known for driving recklessly (which of course we will never do in real life) but in the Burnout world, every player is rewarded for taking risky behaviour and oh my god do we seriously need to talk about all the amazing cars we get to unlock?! Talk about doing something real bad that makes you feel real good.

Still though, keep those risky driving behaviours in the Burnout world and off the streets because you may get a brand new car in Burnout but in the real life, you’re lucky if you get away with just a ticket and with your life intact!

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  • Need For Speed

If you think Need For Speed is a movie, please stay away from this page. No kidding but everyone who plays games knows Need for Speed is one of the best releases by EA Sports. While Burnout lets us take risks and get rewarded for it, Need for Speed gives us a little bit of a story to follow.

Long story short though, you are involved in all sorts of illegal races and conflict with the authorities and police pursuits but while there are no chance (almost) to get away from the cops in real life, you almost definitely will get away in Need For Speed (if you are good at driving of course).

Oh here’s more fun facts: there are currently more than 20 version of Need For Speed. How many have you played?

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  • Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Okay, enough with the racing now. I mean, there are more to car games then just racing. This is why we have Grand Theft Auto or GTA as everyone calls it. GTA is basically Burnout and Need for Speed combined into a more realistic story-video game. In GTA, every kind of indecent behaviour is accepted. (Note that we are not condoning any of these behaviour).

I mean, the name says it all. It’s Grand Theft Auto. Which means you pretty much steal cars and drive around town to accomplish missions, kind of like the Sims but for tougher people you get what I’m sayin? I mean sometimes it definitely is good to do be bad (in games where there are no real consequences of course) and the sales says it all. GTA has sold more than 250 million units makes it the 4th  highest selling video franchise of all time.

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  • Driver

First released in 1999, Driver is pretty much the opposite of GTA and Need For Speed. I mean, you don’t always have to be the bad guy to enjoy driving. Driver follows a former NYPD Officer and former race driver, John Tanner that is sent undercover to investigate a crime syndicate. Yes, kind of like Fast & Furious but in a game version.

Clearly, it feels good to be the good guy to because Driver received a very positive feedback upon it’s initial release and it also won the Best Racing Game 1999 during the Game Critics Awards.

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  • Formula 1

Going back to professional racing, of course we can’t have a Top 10 car games without mentioning the biggest car race franchise in the world, Formula 1 for Play Station. Just like FiFA, players get to choose their team and racers based on the year. If I didn’t already explain that clearly, it simply means that if you player the earlier version of Formula 1, you will get to pick Michael Schumacher and race and Ferrari will be the top pick.

If you play the latest version, you will of course want to pick Lewis Hamilton and team Mercedes. Or maybe you want to pick other players and build your way up. I mean, anything is possible.

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  • Sega Rally

First of all, is there any game by Sega that is not cool? The game was previously developed for Arcade, so clearly we would already know that it is going to be a cool game if it’s not something that brings back nostalgic memories.

Sega Rally is a pretty basic game (staying true to its Arcade roots) where you get to race with different cars on different tracks but sometimes basic is best.

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  • Shift 2 Unleashed

Released in 2011, Shift 2 Unleashed is the seventeenth instalment of the Need For Speed series. Yup, we told you there were a lot of Need For Speed versions out there. This one in Particular though lets you partake in various motorsports activities like Drifting, Retro Car Racing, Circuit Competition – pretty much all the motorsports activities there are under one Playstation game.

Unlike Need For Speed though, which feels more story-like, Shift 2 focuses on the experience on driving cars in real life. So less about the story, more about the rev.

So here we are, top 9 Playstation car games that we love, of all times. How many of them have you played?