RON97 petrol price drops 1 sen to RM2.59 a litre

With the ‘managed float’ for fuel prices – specifically the RON97 Euro4M petrol grade – having resumed, there are again weekly announcements of price revisions. While the last week saw a 6-sen drop per litre, this coming week will see pump prices being just 1 sen lower at RM2.59 per litre.

For RON95 petrol and diesel, the prices won’t change as the government has said that whatever fluctuations there are, subsidies will be used to keep the prices at their present levels of RM2.20 for RON95 petrol and RM2.18 for diesel, with an extra 10 sen charged for the cleaner Euro5 grade which has very much less sulphur.

Maintaining the prices of the two most-used fuels is helpful in limiting inflation. As fuel is essential for most transportation services, increases will cause a progressive chain-reaction that will ultimately make living expenses go up.

This week’s fuel-saving tip is about being slow and steady. It’s not how some motorists may like to drive but let’s face it, today’s congested conditions on many roads don’t give you much opportunity to go fast either. So why not take things easy and enjoy the drive by going at a more moderate speed consistently, rather than speeding up and then having to slow down. Keeping a steady speed instead of ‘pumping‘ the accelerator pedal can save on fuel.

If you just drive more frequently at 80 – 90 km/h instead of 100/110 km/h, you could save 10 to 15% in fuel. To keep the speed consistent, watch the traffic ahead so you don’t have to brake and anticipate cars ahead slowing down. Whenever you notice that the long line of cars is slowing down, lift off and coast. Allow a bigger gap to open up and then gently accelerate again.

[Chips Yap]