How To Fully Enjoy the Car Lifestyle

A car isn’t meant to be locked in a garage the same way a car enthusiast cannot fully enjoy their car life without getting involved with activities that bond them with their car. If you are an amateur car enthusiast or you are just looking to enhance your car life experience, here are some car activities you can do:

Do a short road trip with your friends and family

There are a lot of cool destinations in Malaysia that is worth the drive. For example, if you stay in the KL area, you can organise a road trip to Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. If you are staying in Johor, you can organise a drive with your friends or family to Singapore or Pulau Rawa.

There are a lot of places you can travel without going too far. People who are into food hunt can organise a rod trip to the best seafood restaurant in town or go for a Durian hunt. No matter what your destination is, it is always a good time when you are driving with your loved ones.

Take part in Car Events

Whether it is big car events such as Formula 1 or a smaller community event like a Honda get-together or a Rally race event, car events are an essential part of a car enthusiast. Not only will it bring you closer to cars but it will also help you make new friends who are just as enthusiastic about cars as you are.

Some people even save up for years to be able to make the trip to big car events such as Formula 1 in Dubai or 24 Hours Le Mans in France. If you can’t afford to travel abroad, don’t worry, Sepang Circuit might no longer organise Formula 1 but they still have a few events under their belt.

Window Shop at Car Dealership

There is no law that says you cannot visit a car dealership unless you are buying a car. You might not have the money for it now but there is nothing wrong with having a closer look at some of the amazing cars you have on your dream car list and what better way to do it other than visiting your local car dealership.

If you do it right, you might even be able to test-drive your dream car. Some people love having a look at their dream cars while others just want to see what else is in the market. Technically, the car salesman can’t turn you down so what’s the harm in visiting the dealership to have a closer looks at their new cars?

Pampering your car

If you love someone or something, you have to pamper them with love. You can’t call yourself a car enthusiast if you don’t first and foremost take good care of your own car. Spend a few hours washing your car or sending it in for detailing. Check the tyres for air and check to see if your engine oil is still at a level it needs to be. How your car looks says a lot about the owner.

At the end of the day, the best way to enjoy a car lifestyle is by taking really good care of your car and bring out for a ride as much as you can. A car might not be a living thing but it is a big part of your life, it’s often there for the good and the bad like having your first date or going for your first job and it should be treated like family.